enum in C#. Definition and need?

The enum keyword is basically used to declare one of the types known as enumeration. This enumeration type consist of a set of different constant known as enumerator list. While declaring the enumeration, the first enumerator by default has the value of 0, the

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Properties in C#

Properties basically are named members which helps in process like reading, writing and computing the value of any private fields. This tremendously helps in better accessing of data along with encapsulation of data.To help do this, properties have Continue reading

My First blog post

So its been a couple of days that I created this blog. Since then, no posts, no edits no nothing because I could not decide on the appearance of my site or what my first blog should be about or the title. So I decided I would go with the title and content which the WordPress  itself suggested, hence the title “My First Blog Post”. Although I must say I am proud of the site title I made up, “Software Blogramming”. I know cheesy but still proud.

Well now the hard part is over, or so it seemed, I will be blogging brief but certainly helpful posts relating to software development every couple of days. It might be about something I learned previously that I think is helpful, something new i learned while working or reading, something about interesting tech news and gadgets or simply update everyone about how my life as a programmer is going. Whatever it might be, I promise you that it will be helpful or at least not as boring as “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I mean what is up with Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. So much special effects resources gone to vain. Well anyways look out for posts over my sites and feel free to post questions or contact me.

And remember the wise word of Martin Golding , “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”.